The Little Farm of Mama Lulú Vda. Palermo, Quimbaya, Quindío, Colombia
The Little Farm of Mama Lulú
Tipo de Lugar : Theme Parks
Ubicación : QuindíoQuimbaya

Mama Lulú’s Small Farm in Quimbaya – Quindio – Colombia

The Small Farm of Mama Lulu, is an ecological paradise that through years of study, effort and dedication, has allowed to create an environment where man and nature are integrated in harmony and cooperation.

The proposal that seeks this integral farm, is to generate a change of personal attitude towards life and nature, not to continue attacking it, not continue to destroy our resources and destroy everything in our path.

La Granja is located in the village of Palermo, municipality of Quimbaya, in the department of Quindío. There live the families Hincapié Villegas and Hincapié Acevedo, who for more than 3 decades, were dedicated to transform a small space that was dedicated solely to the planting of coffee in a self-sustaining integral farm, a pioneer of ecological agrotourism in Colombia.

Taller de Guadua en el Quindio

Guadua Workshop in La Pequeña Granja de Mamá Lulu in Quimbaya Quindio

Services you can find during your visit

Pedagogical tours

Learn about the history and processes that make this farm a permacultural gem in Latin America

Courses and workshops

Deepen the systems and processes carried out by the farm and apply them to your own project.

Artisan Shop

Buy arequipe organic fresh, healthy juices and beautiful handicrafts from the region.


We offer the lodging service in native inn with capacity up to 32 people.


Enjoy delicious typical and healthy dishes, prepared to please your palate.

Rental facilities

Auditorium for 100 people and restaurant for 40 people, ideal for your business or social meetings.

Pedagogical tour
Specialty academic and scientific tourism

Experience a real learning of peasant life in Mama Lulú’s Small Farm and through a pedagogical tour, she knows in depth the self-sustaining processes that can be applied on a massive scale, for the ecological improvement of the environment.

Connect with nature, with the simplicity and charm of life in the countryside. The Small Farm of Mama Lulu is the ecological and agricultural laboratory that will always have something new to teach and where the results of the experiments are palpable and applicable both in the life of the countryside, and in the city.
What you can know on the tour …

  • Historical talk of the site
  • Environmental awareness
  • Systems for the use of water
  • Different methods for the production of organic fertilizers
  • Ingenious and ecological technologies
  • Organic agriculture
  • Native and introduced flora for self-consumption
  • Guadua Forest – Family Heritage
  • Natural reserve of drinking water
  • Wild and domestic wildlife
  • Architecture in Guadua
  • Craft shop


La Pequeña Granja de Mamá Lulú
Vereda Palermo – Quimbaya
Quindio – Colombia
(57) 312 8319359
(57) 311 3894646

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Alquiler de Fincas en el Quindío
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