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Birdwatching in Quindío

Places ideal for bird-watching in Quindío and the Coffee Region in Colombia

Ave Barranquero en el Quindío Colombia
America is the continent that has more countries rich in bird biodiversity, Colombia is one of them, is the number one in having more birds around 1,876 and with almost 70 species of endemic birds located in the third place in South America after Of Brazil and Peru.

Thanks to its strategic geographical location puts it in these places, it is a paradise for ornithologists.

The department of Quindío is one of the natural sites that counts Colombia for the birding, …

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Salento, Quindio, the father town to visit and its tourist sites

Salento, Quindio, the father town to visit and birthplace of the National Tree with photos, video and its tourist attractions.

Old colonial houses in Salento Quindío

Balcones coloniales houses of Salento, Quindío

Distance: at 25 Km from Armenia
Inhabitants: 7,199
Extension : 377 km²
Height: 1895 m s. N. M.
Average temperature: 17 ºC
Gentilicio: Salentino

Some History
Its foundation dates back to 1842, on October 26, when by the birth of the colonizers Ramón Elías Palau, Simon Castaño, Vicente Buitrago, Cornelio Marín and Teodoro Ocampo, in 1908 it is erected as a municipal district….

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Top 11 adventure activities in Quindío, Colombia

If you have adventurous spirit, you like the adrenaline and enjoy nature; We present you a list of 11 sites where you can have extreme adventures in Quindío.

Adventure tourism involves explorations, travel with a perception or actual existence of risks, and potentially requiring special skills or certain physical conditions.

The difference between adventure tourism and adventure sports is that in the second activity you need a …

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11 best things to do in Quindío Colombia
Adventure tourism in Quindío

Rápidos Rapid attraction of the Café Park by a 400 meter canal in boats for 9 people through waterfalls, turbulence and waves

If you decide to know the Quindío and have a better idea of which are the best tourist sites to visit, you arrived at the ideal place; Indicate that 11 places are not to be missed only encourage you to at least visit these 11 tourist sites since the list can be much longer due to the great variety of tourism in the region, but we have chosen these 11 sites that will make your visit a unforgetable experience.

Quindío has become one of the main tourist destinations for Colombians and foreigners who visit this beautiful region, due to the friendliness of its population, its beautiful landscapes and its great tourist variety, for that reason we present you the sites that you should not Stop visiting when you get to this beautiful coffee region.

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