Los Nevados National Natural Park, Quindío, Colombia Los Nevados National Park, Murillo, Pereira, Tolima, Colombia
Los Nevados National Natural Park, Quindío, Colombia
Tipo de Lugar : Natural Parks
Ubicación : Quindío

It is a large and beautiful natural park located in the coffee axis and consists of a volcanic complex consisting of the Nevado del Ruiz (with its crater Olleta and The Piraña), Nevado de Santa Isabel and the Nevado del Tolima, and Paramillos Cisne, santa Rosa and Quindio. Through its snow peaks descend rivers that irrigate crops and provide water to cities and towns of central Colombia, was created to safeguard important ecosystems at the global as are the three glaciers that remain in the country (Nevado del Ruiz, the Nevado de Santa Isabel and the Nevado del Tolima). In the park you can see species of birds like the hummingbird, the gavilán and the white and black condor of the Andes. Mammals such as goat, cusumbos, spectacled bears and armadillos. As for vegetation are frailejones, mosses, lichens, algae ponds in various colors, sunflowers and orchids adorn the skyline of mountains that make up the flora of the super moor, heath and high Andean forest. The soils are quite rocky and you can find plenty of pumice.

The time of arrival by road to the Los Nevados National Natural Park, from Armenia is 3 hours 27 minutes, is a fascinating journey from the journey begins beholding the beautiful Coffee Cultural Landscape, from Quindio through the Department Risaralda and arriving at final destination the Department of Caldas.

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