Salento, Quindio, the father town to visit and its tourist sites

Salento, Quindio, the father town to visit and its tourist sites

Salento, Quindio, the father town to visit and birthplace of the National Tree with photos, video and its tourist attractions.

Old colonial houses in Salento Quindío

Balcones coloniales houses of Salento, Quindío

Distance: at 25 Km from Armenia
Inhabitants: 7,199
Extension : 377 km²
Height: 1895 m s. N. M.
Average temperature: 17 ºC
Gentilicio: Salentino

Some History
Its foundation dates back to 1842, on October 26, when by the birth of the colonizers Ramón Elías Palau, Simon Castaño, Vicente Buitrago, Cornelio Marín and Teodoro Ocampo, in 1908 it is erected as a municipal district.

Salento, Colombian municipality in the department of Quindío.
Called the father of Quindío because it is the oldest municipality in this department, it is also known as the “Cuna del Cera” National Tree , has a great variety of tourist attractions, such as: Cocora Valley a landscape surrounded by nature, sightings like the Barranquero, Pajaro Pendulo or Momotus Momota A commonly observed bird, hiking an ecological activity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was taken as a foundation date on January 5, 1842 each year they are celebrating the traditional anniversary of their foundation between the two and the twelfth of January.

Holidays in Salento

In addition to celebrating its founding, in Salento several activities are carried out as an engine of integration and tourist attraction. The events held are:

  • Children’s horseback riding parade
  • Founders cordon
  • Sports Competitions
  • Serenatas
  • Artistic Presentations
  • Popular parades
  • Charging contest
  • Firewood competition

Tourist Attractions
Cocora Valley: A gateway to the Park of the Nevados, home of the Palma de Cera, beautiful paths that allow you to see its biodiversity. Camping areas and restaurants.

 Walking bird watching

Nevados Natural Park: You can visit beautiful places such as Paramillo, Arenales and Nevado del Quindío.

Paramillo, Aranelas y Nevado del Quindío

Cerro Morrogacho: It is the limit of the Cocora Valley, Morro that is sighted from different angles of Salento; From different ecological trails you can enjoy the bird sighting and color variety of flora.Cerro Morrogacho Salento Quindío

Ecoparque Mirador: Structure of guadua and wood, from which you can observe beautiful urban and natural landscapes. From here you can see the Alto de la Cruz, the Cocora Valley and the urban area of ​​Salento.Ecoparque Mirador

Forest of Fog: Fog forests are part of the ecosystems present in the valley of Cócora, which draw in our minds magical landscapes that invite the conservation and admiration of mother nature.Valle Cocora Salento

Video of Salento, its culture and landscapes.

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