Top 11 adventure activities in Quindío, Colombia

Top 11 adventure activities in Quindío, Colombia

If you have adventurous spirit, you like the adrenaline and enjoy nature; We present you a list of 11 sites where you can have extreme adventures in Quindío.

Adventure tourism involves explorations, travel with a perception or actual existence of risks, and potentially requiring special skills or certain physical conditions.

The difference between adventure tourism and adventure sports is that in the second activity you need a minimum preparation and an appropriate equipment, such as practicing rappelling, climbing, adventure racing or mountaineering.


This discipline of adventure consists of navigating through any river of little flow through a boat of guadua called raft. Here are some places where you can enjoy this extreme attraction

Balsaje Los Ríos Cr 4 N 23 – 77 Barrio La Pisca, Montenegro Quindío. Phone: 3117442828
Balsaje Por el río de la vieja Carrera 4a No. 16-24 piso 3 Quimbaya, Quindio. Phone:(6)7449955


Tirolesa, Tirolina, Dosel, Canopy or Canopi, is a mode of air transport consisting of a system of cables suspended between the treetops where one slips from one place to another thanks to a pulley. To be able to practice the Canopy, it is necessary to be placed in a platform or platform of wood where the person is hooked to a strong cable by means of a harness and by gravity, with the weight of the body is impelled until arriving at the other platform. During these flights you can see the wonderful landscapes that would be very difficult to see from the ground. It should be noted that in each platform there is the possibility of resting.

Here are some places where you can enjoy this extreme attraction.

Canopy Los Caracolies Canopy Los CaracoliesKm 6 Via Armenia Montenegro, Vereda Pantanillo Phone: 3007787099 / 3147789551
Ecotour Extremo Ecotour ExtremoCalle Real, Cr 6 N 1 – 35 Phone: 3117482779 / 3105150085

Kayaking – Rafting

Tour of the river Barragán in double kayaks and inflatable bases for 4, 5 or 7 people, activity that is possible due to the optimal conditions of the river, duration of the route: from 1 to 4 hours approximately.

More info:


Paragliding is a sport born in the late twentieth century, as a derivation of the use of parachutes to descend from mountains with steep slopes.

Website where you can get more information about this extreme attraction in Quindío. – – –

Escalada and Rapel

Rapel or rappel (from the French rappel) is a system of descent by vertical surfaces. It is used in places where the descent is otherwise complicated. The rappel is the most widely used autonomous descent system, since in order to perform a descent, it is only necessary, besides knowing the proper technique, to carry the harness and a descender.

The rappelling is used for hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, caving, canyoning and other activities that require vertical descents. Raptor is also used in rescue, in both natural and urban environments, as well as in military operations.

Source:ápel Websites where you can get more information about this extreme attraction in Quindío. –

Flights in Balloon

A hot air balloon is a non-propelled aerostatic aircraft that uses the principle of Archimedes fluids to fly, understanding air as a fluid. They are always composed of a bag that encloses a mass of gas lighter than air and hence popularly known as balloon. At the bottom of this bag can be a solid structure called a nacelle or can be “attached” any body type, such as a sensor. Since they do not have any type of propeller, the balloons are “carried away” by the currents of air, although there are some types that can control its elevation.

Source:ático Websites where you can get more information about this extreme attraction in Quindío.

Horseback riding

The horseback riding at Hacienda el Carmelo is a program of 3 to 4 hours, on board good horses and well saddled with accompaniment of cowboys. During the cavalcade, we cross crops of pineapple, sugar cane, citrus, heliconias, extensive guaduales, livestock, lakes and rivers.
The Plan Includes:  3-hour Horseback Riding, Cowboy Company, Hydration during horseback riding. Recommendations: try the saddle before the horseback ride, choose the right horse that suits your needs, wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes or boots, camera, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and repellent.

More info:
Phone: 3164497889 – 3118087993
Location: Avenida Bolívar No. 9N 34 Mocawa Plaza.

PANORAMIC JEEP / Expedition 4 X 4

Get to know the Quindío from another point of view, enjoy more than 10 rural routes being transported in a specially adapted vehicle to achieve the best angles allowing you to develop a photo safari, interact with the inhabitants of the region and fully enjoy nature.
Some routes:
Armenia, puente don Nicolás, Calarcá, Bohemia, Cerro El Castillo Pradera Alta, Variante Chagualá, Circasia Cementerio Libre, Armenia.
Armenia, Salento, Valle de Cocora, Filandia, Circasia, Armenia.
Armenia, Circasia, Salento, Filandia, Quimbaya, Montenegro, Armenia.
Armenia, Calarcá, Buenavista, Pijao, Córdoba, Armenia.
Phone: 310 412 7249 (WhatsApp) / 300 652 0422 (WhatsApp) / 317 662 2026


Hiking, a specialty of mountaineering, is a non-competitive sports activity that takes place on marked roads and approved by the competent body of each country.

Trekking seeks to bring people to the natural environment and knowledge of the area through heritage and traditional ethnographic and cultural elements, preferably using the traditional system of communication routes, such as royal glens, roads and paths.
Hiking is a symbiosis between sport, culture and the environment
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Paintball is the sport in which the participants use markers, so called because they were once used in cattle farms to mark the animals. In essence it is a complex strategy game in which the players hit by paintballs are eliminated from the same sometimes in transient form, sometimes in definitive form depending on the modality. Contrary to popular belief, it is one of the safest outdoor sports.
More info:, Avenida Ancizar Lopez cr 12 calle 10 esquina, Armenia
Phone +57 313 7100608

Paratrike – Paramotor

The paramotor is an aircraft made up of a small propeller motor and a paraglider. It is basically a motorized paraglider. Flying paragliders require a relative wind speed of about 22 km / h, although some paragliders require more speed. In the paramotor, this speed is achieved thanks to the wind generated in the run-off that is given by the run of the pilot and the acceleration of the engine.

Once in flight, the aerodynamic lift is generated thanks to the thrust provided by the engine, carried on the back of the pilot.
More Info: Club Aéreo del Campo Paramotor en Quimbaya, Quindío
Vereda Kerman km 7. A 400 mts de PANACA Phone: 3113824705 / 3103821765

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